Main Streets – Additional Background

The Main Streets concept grew from several Town Plans, including the 2016 General Plan “Your Voice, Our Future” project. The overwhelming majority of town residents voted to approve the General Plan without reading it. Main Streets was first introduced to stakeholders in early 2016 as a “long‐range plan to promote unique areas of economic development and community gathering in Oro Valley.”

The main challenges identified by stakeholders included the “transformation of the current built environment and transportation conditions, the funding of the project implementation, and gaining public support for the idea.”

Stakeholders (some were donors to former Mayor Hiremath and Councilmember Waters, Hornat and Snider’s campaigns) included several members of the development community, landscape architects McGann & Associates, the Hilton El Conquistador, Diamond Ventures and Beztak, as well as other commercial and local business interests. While some stakeholders offered to share their expertise and community connections or to participate in focus groups, no financial support was offered.

In May of 2016, several months after the stakeholder sessions, Town Staff held a community workshop where people could get more information and provide comments on the project. The intersections of First & Oracle and Lambert & La Canada were revealed as possible Main Streets areas. The sessions were poorly attended and funding was not addressed.

The Town held a “Walk the Block” community event in February of 2017 at Lambert and La Canada to share their ideas and seek further input from residents. Roughly 300, including children, of the town’s 43,000 residents attended the event.
In November of 2017, the Town hosted a community forum featuring a local market analyst who presented findings on residential, office and commercial market conditions for Oro Valley and the Main Streets areas.

Read the Executive Summary of the Market Study