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We created Takebackov to speak for the residents of Oro Valley because Oro Valley's seven council members simply are out of touch with the community. This video is about why we're here!

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Today's Top Issue: What Will The Town Do With The El Conquistador Country Club

HSL Properties sold the El Conquistador Country Club to the town a few years back. The town has lost millions on this venture. The town commissioned a study to determine what to do. The town has held 3-secretive country club member-only meetings. The council will make a "decision" sometime this winter.

The best financial option would favor Oro Valley's 43,000 residents. The best financial option would anger the 250 or so country club members.  

Watch our video that follows to learn the options. What would you do?

You Be The Judge: El Conquistador Country Club Options

What will the Council decide?

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