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We created Takebackov to speak for the residents of Oro Valley because Oro Valley's seven council members simply are out of touch with the community. This video is about why we're here!

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Today's Top Issue: General Plan Amendments

Last year, voters approved a 10 year update to the town's general plan. This culminated a 2 year, several hundred thousand dollar effort. Now, the town council is considering changing that plan. Do you think that there should be a waiting period of several years before  town council should be allowed to consider any general plan amendment? Do you think that general plan amendments are in your best interest?

Resident Speaks Out: "We Pay The Bill For Poor Council Judgment"

"I must be too old.... I cannot wrap my brain around the decision making of the Oro Valley Town Council...

1.) The overwhelming defeat of the Naranja Park glorification

2.) The golf course fiasco

3.) Steam Pump Ranch just sits there 

4.) Great floundering expectations for The Market Place

5.) Unbridled development 

I suspect others could add to the list...

Maybe I need more ace bandage to wrap my brain.... Or duck tape....

My brain just kicked up a notch... 

Maybe the city council needs duct tape around their mouths to keep them from sprouting off : "YES! Let's spend that money..."  

After all, they are not spending their money...  

They charge these projects the city's credit card.... And we know who has to pay that bill....."

RB Heron

Oro Valley Resident

Another Resident's View

"Anybody on the fence about this should take a drive into the development going up  on Rancho Vistoso Blvd, across from Moore. Go  all the way to the back where it says Dead End.  Look out and see what's happened there.  It's been dozed absolutely flat!   Is that what we want the rest of Big Wash to look like?   I sure don't!"

Brenda Kenfield

Oro Valley

What Two General Plan Amendments Could Mean To You

The Oro Valley Town Council will consider two major general plan amendments. This video shows you what they are and what it could mean to you.

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